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Remember, always use caution when burning candles. Never leave them burning if
you leave the room. Never set them close to anything flammable and always put
them in a candle holder or on a heat resistant plate.
Candle Color Meanings
It is also associated with the solar plexus chakra, located just below the rib cage.

Yellow is used for: radiance, self-esteem, self-empowering, confidence, instinct, trust,
youthfulness, motivation, positive energies, charm, persuasion, creative thought, memory,
imagination, intelligence, concentration, communication, studying, training, exams,
knowledge, career, travel and protection.

Wear yellow when you are dealing with a mental challenge, trying to retain information, or
raise your spirit and energies.
Yellow Candle
Green Candle
It is associated with the heart chakra, located at the heart.

Green is used for: reconciliation, family, relationships, versatility, balance, regeneration,
renewal, goals, growth, abundance, prosperity, wealth, change, wisdom, knowledge, peace,
harmony, purpose, relaxation, healing of the physical body, balanced judgements and
decisions. .

Wear green for harmony, peace, prosperity and purpose of being.
White Candle
White is associated with the yin energies that surround us in the cosmos and represents
all feminine issues, positive energies, the life force and spirituality.

White is used for: peace, purity, protection, raising positive energies, repelling negative
energies, beginning a new life phase, spiritual enlightenment, seeking the truth, breaking
curses, strength, healing, cleansing, purifying, meditation and contacting spirit guides.

White can be used as an alternative for any other color so if you're ever not sure what
color to use, white is a safe bet. White is good color to correspond with any rituals or
spell work used on a full moon.

Wear white to balance the mind, body and spirit.
Red Candle
The element of Fire representing the life's blood that pumps through our hearts,
stimulating courage and passion.

It is also associated with the base chakra, located at the base of the spine.

Red is used for: energy, will power, passion, physical desire, determination, attraction,
sexuality, love, lust, stimulation, strength, vigor, courage, physical health, protection,
vitality and fertility.

Wear red to initiate courage or physical passion.
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Black Candle
The black candle is very powerful and should only be used with extreme caution. It is also
one of the most protective colors.

Many people associate this candle with black magick and evil. It can be used for evil
purposes and ill intent but it can also be used for good. Use this candle when  warding off
evil spirits, ridding yourself of slander, reversing or removing hexes, neutralizing
another's magick, and removing or reversing very powerful negative energy.

This candle can also be used to bring confusion and discord to enemies, binding negative
forces, revenge, and calling forth dark energy. If used correctly this candle can
accomplish much good. If used incorrectly this candle can have disastrous results.

It can be used to bring a person back down to earth. It can also be used to uncover
secrets. It can be used in meditation, to help us find the light within the dark. It
stabilizes and awakens greater responsibility. It is most effective when burned with a
white candle.

Is used for Banishing all unwanted energies as in uncrossing rituals, or for absorbing
unwanted energies.

Used also for Crone Magic, mourning a loss, meditation, feminine divinity, and Samhain.
This candle attracts Saturn energy.
Symbolic of the spirits of the West, and the elements of Water.

The blue candles are very calming. They are great candles for dealing with peace,
tranquility, harmony, and helping to transform depression, anger and violence.

This is another great candle for meditation and increasing intuition. Blue candles are great
for healing, happiness, and bringing positive change into your life. Also great to help keep
a lovers loyalty, and protecting those we love.
Blue Candle
Gold fosters understanding and attracts the power of cosmic influences.

The gold candle is another good candle for prosperity, good luck and financial gain. You
can also use this candle for good health, physical and emotional strength, healing and
attracting happiness into your life. Also a great candle for most things sun related.

This candle color generates solar energy and promotes Leo energy.

Gold is is the color of the God
Gold Candle
Grey Candle
Grey is a neutral colour and is useful when pondering complex issues during meditation  

In magic, this color often sparks confusion.  It also negates and/or neutralizes a negative
influence. It is the perfect candle for spell and hex reversals, and the destruction of
negative energies.

Grey is more of a candle of neutrality. The perfect balance of both black and white, light
and dark. The gray candle can absorb and repel negative energy. This candle can be used
to ask universe or Mother Earth to diffuse the negative energy without all the negative
karmic repercussions.

This candle color promotes Virgo energy.
Silver Candle
Silver is a great color for meditation.

Silver is great for anything dealing with moon magick.

These candles will help in the removal of negative forces and energies, repels chaos and
disaster, and increases psychic abilities. This is also an excellent candle to burn when
asking for success, victory, and stability.

Silver is the color of the Goddess.
Pink is the ultimate love, passion and romance candle.

This is the candle of unconditional love and pure intent on an emotional and spiritual

This candle is also excellent for spiritual healing, neutralizing hatred, and bringing
peace into your life. The pink candle is always used for magick with the purest and
highest moral intent.
Pink Candle
Purple is another color that is best used to deal with the lighter and brighter
shades. The lighter shades of purple are used for healing, empowerment, peace,
knowledge, and just about anything dealing with self improvement.

It is also used for meditation, divination, increasing psychic abilities, spiritual
awareness, spiritual protection, and success in most endeavors.

Burn with a green candle to increase luck quickly.

The darker shades can be used for hex removal, getting rid of dark energy and
evil influences, jinx removal, ending slander, neutralizing another's magick.

Purple is a very ambitious color, this candle can be used alone, but works best when
used with others to help increase speedy results.
Purple Candle
Orange Candle
Orange is the candle of positive energy.

It is an excellent candle for increasing prosperity , stamina, mental agility and

It helps in gaining control of a situation, increases adaptability and changes luck.

This is another color that works great with others or used alone. Orange is a very
powerful color for bringing and attracting positive change into your life.
The brown candle is aligned with earth energies.

This is a great candle to use when working with earth elementals and anything to
do with nature.

This is also a good candle to attract physical objects, and manifest good health. It
helps to remove uncertainty, and hesitation.

If used for prosperity it can help to attract money and customers for business.

Also a good candle to enhance psychic ability, divination, and intuition.
Brown Candle