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Mead, apple cider, mulled cider, mulled wines.

Angelica, burdock, catnip, pennyroyal, rosemary, rue, sunflower, sage, thyme, wild
ginseng, tarragon, mugwort, allspice, broom, catnip, deadly nightshade, mandrake,
oak leaves, sage and straw.

Turnips, Apples, Gourds, Nuts, Mulled Wines, Beef, Pork, Poultry.

Heliotrope, Mint, Nutmeg.

Calendula, chrysanthemum, cosmos, marigold.

Acacia, apple, cypress, hazel, hemlock, yew.

Black, brown, orange, white, silver, gold.

All Black Stones, preferably jet or obsidian.

Stag, jackal, cat, bat, ram, scorpion, heron, crow, robin.

Mythical creatures:
Goblins, harpies.

Some appropriate Gods:
All Death, Underworld, and aged Gods; Am-Heh (Egyptian), Anubis (Egyptian),
Arawn (Welsh), Cernunnos (Celtic), Dis (Roman), Hades (Greek), Heimdahl (Norse),
Herne (English), The Horned God (European), Kronos (Greek), Loki (Norse),
Nefertum (Egyptian), Odin (Norse), Osiris (Egyptian), Pluto (Greco-Roman)

Some appropriate Goddesses:
All Crone and Underworld Goddesses; Arachne (Greek), Aradia (Italian), Babd
(Irish), Cerridwen (Welsh), Elli (Teutonic), Ereshkigal (Assyro-Babylonian), Eris
(Greek), The Fates/Moerae (Greek), Fortuna (Roman), Freya/Frigg (Norse), Hecate
(Greek), Hel (Teutonic), Inanna (Sumerian), Ishtar (Babylonian), Macha (Irish),
Mari (Basque), Morrigan (Celtic), Nephthys (Egyptian), Nicneven (Scottish),
Persephone (Greek), Psyche (Greek), Proserpina (Roman), Rhiannon (Welsh)

Autumn leaves, fall flowers, pomegranates, apples, pumpkins, ears of corn, sprays of
grain, corn dollies, gourds, nuts, seeds.

Traditional activities:
Divination, drying winter herbs, feasting and partying to defy the coming darkness
(bob for apples, roast nuts, pop popcorn), Witches' Ball.

Spell or Ritual work:
Astral projection, past life recall, Dark Moon mysteries, mirror spells, scrying,
protection, inner work, clearing obstacles, transition, culmination, transformation.
Releasing bad habits and toxic relationships, illness, failure and poverty; everything
you do not want to carry into the new year.
~Samhain Correspondences~
Third Harvest, wisdom of the Crone, death of the
God, reflection on our place in the Wheel
of the Year, New Year, reincarnation, the dark
mysteries, Rebirth after Death.

Symbols of Samhain:
Gourds, Apples, Black Cats, Jack-O-Lanterns,

Turnips, apples, nuts, beef, pork, poultry,

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