Moon phases effect all that you do when working spells.

You need to make sure you have everything at hand you will need to make your spell
successful. No one wants their spell to backfire!

Just remember my words 'all information on this web site is for entertainment purposes only
and I am not to be held responsible for any results you may incur."

That said, here are some guidelines.
Guidelines for

The moon's cycle is approximately 28.5 days long and is divided into four quarters. Each
quarter phase will last for seven days in total; three days before, the phase itself and three
days after.

                                                    NEW MOON        

The three days before the new moon is known as the dark moon as the moon is not visible.
This is a time of meditation, cleansing, purifying and rest. The only spells you should perform
at this time is for releasing, repelling, rejecting, banishing and letting go of negative energies
that are effecting you physically and mentally.

During the new moon and the three days after is a time for spells of birth, growth, new
beginnings, health, love, friendships, ambitions, plans and long-term goals.

                                                    WAXING MOON

The waxing moon starts the fourth day after the new moon as it continues to grow in size,
energy and power until three days before the full moon.

During the all seven days of the waxing moon you can do spells that bring positive change
and attraction such as courage, success, pride, promotion, increasing wealth and prosperity
in all things such as friendship, luck, love and fertility.

                                                    FULL MOON

The seven day of the full moon is a time for all positive spells and psychic workings. The full
moon holds the most potent of positive energies, healing, power, strength, protection,
psychic ability, transformation, fruition and all things positive.

                                                    WANING MOON

The waning moon starts on the fourth day after the full moon as it continues to decrease in
size until it is no longer visible during the three days before the new moon. This is the time to
do spells mentioned under the three days before the NEW MOON. Releasing, reversing,
removing, repelling, reflection, breaking bad habits, banishing and letting go of negative
                                    WORDS FOR YOUR WRITTEN SPELL

Think carefully about the words in your spell and wherever possible try to get them to rhyme.
The important thing is for you to feel comfortable saying the spell words. It takes as long as it
takes and you will know when your words are right.

Write the words to your spell on a piece of paper, it is best to use parchment paper and ink
that corresponds to the spell candle(s) you are using.

Try to memorize your spell so it can be said aloud and not read. Place the written spell on the
altar in front of the spell candle(s) ready to be cleansed and purified. When you are ready to
release the energies of the spell, burn the paper in the flame of the spell candle(s).

                                              RAISING YOUR ENERGIES
Your energies begin to raise around your spell from the first initial thought and continues
through to the gathering and preparation of all the items you will be using.

You may dance, sing or just sit tranquil for a while facing north within the circle to visualise
your goal before lighting the spell candle(s).
Things you will need:
     Spell candle(s)
     Spell words
     A lighter
     A snuffer

Light the spell candle(s) and look into the flame.

Focus on the moment for a while and when you are ready, pick up the written spell from your
altar say the spell words aloud.

Burn the written spell in the flame of the spell candle(s) and place the burning spell into your

You have released the energies of your spell into the atmosphere and towards your goal.

When you are ready, drink a toast to the Moon Goddess and the Sun God to give blessings
and thanks for their presence and protection.

When you feel your spell has reached its peak, snuff your candles. Remember, spell candles
should never be used again for anything else. They should be buried when you are done.
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