Herb Gardening
Organizing, Planning, Planting and Harvesting!


Plan your garden early, when you first start thinking 'SPRING".

Plan your garden spot with consideration for accessibility to a
water source and sun light. If this is your first garden it may
take some planning. If it isn't warm enough to do your planning
outside, do it inside on paper...with a cup of tea in your hand.
Just think, this time next year you might be drinking tea made
from your own harvested herbs!

Dollar stores are so great for getting your supplies plus they
are handy because they are almost everywhere!

Loose Leaf Binder: You will need notebook paper and
quarter-inch graph paper. You can add dividers if you like to
make it easier to look things up later after your notebook gets
fuller. It can hold idea notes, theme possibilities and plant lists.
Later, it can be used to keep track of planting and growth
records, fertilizing notes and what plants are successful and
what plants are not.

Seed and Plant Catalogues: These are great to browse
through when the weather is still to chilly be outside. You can
jot down the items you would like to buy along with the name of
the catalog they are found in so you don't have to try to
remember which ones appealed to you.

Colored Pencils:  These are great for marking different
plant varieties on the graph paper when you are designing.

Calendar: You will need one that accurately shows monthly
Moon phases, or you can find it on my site at XXXXXXX.
Knowing the Moon phases is needed for successfully planting
bulbs, root crops and above-ground plants. Planetary movement
can affect the Moon's garden related power, a calendar that
also lists the Moon signs is a good reference too. Also on my site

Small File Box with Index Cards:  These are very handy!
You can record plants that grow easily for you and which ones
really don't like your garden! Make a card for each plant or
packet of seeds purchased. In one corner write the name of the
supplier and on the other the date purchased. You can even tape
the receipt to the card. This will come in handy if you purchased
from a supplier who will refund or replace plants that die within
a certain number of days after purchase. You can attach
pictures of plants or the empty seed packet to the card. Write
the name of the plant at the top then jot down care
requirements, gardening victories or failures. Keep the cards in
alphabetical order, updating them frequently. Have a divider at
the back of the box and file any failures behind it. Later you can
attach pictures of the plants you've grown.


Once you have this organized, start thinking about the type of
garden you want. Do you want an herb garden for culinary or
medicinal purposes or for their magical property value? Do you
want to honor a particular deity or use the gardening process
itself for creative spell casting. What you can do will depend on
the size of the plot you have available for your garden. Plus you
can always make a large site into small plots for different
purposes if you have the space for it.
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