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~Deities of Imbolc~
All Virgin/Maiden Goddesses, Brighid, Aradia, Athena, Inanna, Gaia and Februa. Gods of
Love and Fertility, Aengus Og, Eros and Februus.

~Symbolism of Imbolc~

Purity, growth and renewal, the re-union of the Goddess and the God, fertility and
dispensing of the old and making way for the new.

~Symbols of Imbolc~

Brideo'gas, besoms, white flowers, candles & candle wheels, lamps, Brighid's Crosses,
priapic wands (acorn-tipped) and ploughs.

~Animals of Imbolc~

Sheep, wolves, bears, stags, eagle, raven, groundhog, owl, snake.

~Herbs and Flowers of Imbolc~

Angelica, basil, bay laurel, blackberry, celandine, coltsfoot, heather, iris, myrrh, snowdrop,
tansy, violets and all white or yellow flowers.

~Foods of Imbolc~

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, poppyseed cakes, muffins, scones and breads, all dairy
products, mutton or lamb, peppers, onions, chives, garlic, raisins, spiced wines and herbal

~Incense of Imbolc~

Basil, bay, wisteria, cinnamon, violet, vanilla, myrrh.

~Colors of Imbolc~

White, pink, red, yellow, light green, brown, orange.

~Stones and Gems of Imbolc~

Amethyst, bloodstone, garnet, ruby, onyx, turquoise.
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