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into your life? Light a new white candle. Once the candle flame is burning bright and strong,
repeat this charm three times:

Brigid, Goddess of poetry, health, and fire,
On Your special day, grant my inner desire.
Your sacred flames bring light to me in so many ways,
Please send inspiration and passion to me this day.

Watch over your spell candle until it goes out on its own.

Since you will be doing your Spring cleaning soon, why not start with a blessing for your
besom. Be sure the besom is clean both physically and magickally. This can be done before
or after you decorate it for the Sabbat.

Staff and besom, tightly bound,
let no dross in you be found!
Let your twigs their buds recall;
your handle be a strength for all.
Be you worthy of the chore
of sweeping Earth's bewintered floor.

To cleanse and prepare your besom for future use, consecrate it during your ritual by doing
the following:
Sprinkle the besom with salt and say;
"Sweep clean and no ill retain!"
Pass the besom through incense and say;
"No ill o'erlook; sweep clean!"
Pass the besom through fire (carefully!) and say;
"Sweep clean, I ordain!"
Sprinkle the broom with water and say;
"No corner forsook, sweep clean!"

Usually the Imbolc rite involves sweeping the sacred space in a deosil spiral from the center
to the outside and to honor the Triple Goddess of this holiday, go around the circle three,
six or nine times.

Solitary Ritual

You will need:
A gold or yellow candle at least 3 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall. This will be your Sun
A white candle, it can be a pillar also but must be smaller than the Sun Candle
White or pale yellow flowers
Pale green leaves (silk is okay)
Garlands or ribbons
Cakes should be sweet (see the recipe list)
Wear a white robe and a veil is a nice touch for a woman. A man might want to wear a white

Prepare your circle as usual (facing East for Imbolc) and as you prepare the salt and water,
light the Sun candle and set it on or in front of your altar. Next call the Quarters and invoke
the Gods. You can do this by saying the following:

Maiden Goddess, child renewed,
with innocence and youth imbued,
I invoke You and all Spring's virtue,
and with my rite I honor you.

Youthful God, oh sprout renewed,
growing Sun of Springtime mood,
I invoke You and Your waxing glow,
by this rite to honor show.

Light the white candle (Maiden) from the Sun candle and carry it around the circle,
welcoming the Maiden at each Quarter.

At East, raise the candle and say;
"Welcome, Maiden, from the East, bright of eye and clear of thought."
At South, say;
"Welcome, Maiden, from the South, and the passion You have brought."
At West, say;
"Welcome, Maiden, from the West, and the trust You demonstrate."
At North, say;
"Welcome, Maiden, from the North, and the fertility You anticipate."

Coming back to the East, set the white candle behind the Sun candle and say;
"As the Springtime now begins,
and the world sheds Winter skins,
so the Goddess youth reclaims,
and declares Herself in flames!"

Do your spell work if you are going to do any now and when you are through consecrate your
Cakes and Ale and finish your rite as usual. Release the Quarters and say the following:

Maiden Goddess, child renewed,
with innocence and youth imbued,
Farewell I bid You, if go You must,
in perfect love and perfect trust.

Youthful God, oh sprout renewed,
growing Sun of Springtime mood,
Farewell I bid You, if go You must
in perfect love and perfect trust.
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